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Seasons of a Jam & Pickler's life

Mar 25, 2023

False Spring and Blissful Ignorance

So, Spring has “officially” arrived. Although, here in the western Carolina mountains we had an early burst of Spri...

Our Story


Welcome to our Kitchen!  All our fine preserves, pickles and tasty artisan wares are produced with care by brother and sister team, Jessica DeMarco and Dan Stubee.  Our love of good food and appreciation of the local farm community inspired us in 2011 to try selling a few jams and pickles at our local farmer's market.  After a warm reception by local connoisseurs and inquiries by a few local grocery and cheese shops we decided to pursue the venture full time. 
We've been at it since then, cranking out many, many jars of jam and pickles, creating the occasional new flavor, and learning much about food preservation, farming, business and life!
Hope you enjoy our hard work--we put handcrafted love in every jar!







For questions about our products or for wholesale information contact:                      828.593.0501
Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon, LLC 449 Pigeon Street, Waynesville, NC 28786


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