Sweet Jam Gift Assortment - 4 Jars: Harvest Spice Apple Butter, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Honeyed Citrus Marmalade

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Perfect for entertaining and gifting this beautiful assortment contains a selection of our most popular sweet jams -- Harvest Spice Apple Butter, Blueberry Whole Berry, Strawberry Whole Berry, and Honeyed Citrus Marmalade. Our fruit jams are made with pure fruit, sugar and lemon juice without any additional pectin, ensuring each jar contains the most concentrated fruit flavor and texture.

-- Honeyed Citrus Marmalade --

Fresh, seasonal Ruby Red Grapefruit and Navel Oranges are combined with North Carolina Honey to create this bright and tangy marmalade. The layers of flavor emerge from this incredibly concentrated spread, bits of candied peel burst with tangy and bitter undertones which is balanced by the sweet mellowness of honey harvested in the beautiful mountains of Western NC.

Made with Quality All Natural Ingredients: Grapefruit, Orange, Sugar, Honey
Net Weight 10.5 oz / 295 g - Refrigerate after Opening -

-- Blueberry Whole Berry Jam --

This uncomplicated jam boasts a dense rich flavor -- we kept this one pure and simple, adding only cane sugar and lemon juice. Savor the taste and texture of fresh whole berries long after spring has passed.

Made with Quality All Natural Ingredients: Blueberries, Sugar, Lemon Juice
Net Weight 10.5 oz, 280 g - Refrigerate After Opening -


-- Strawberry Whole Berry Jam --

Our most popular breakfast jam!  A classic favorite made with fresh picked Strawberries, Pure Cane Sugar and Lemon Juice.

Made with Quality All Natural Ingredients: Strawberries, Sugar, Lemon Juice,
Net Weight 10.5 oz, 280 g